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Pacific Crest Search Dogs is a non-profit, federally tax-exempt corporation (501(c)(3)) organized to provide trained volunteer personnel and canine/handler teams for search and rescue missions requested by any official agency or any family in need of its expertise. In addition, it exists to provide educational programs to the public regarding search and rescue and safety in the wilderness. We do not charge for our search and rescue services.


Pacific Crest Search Dogs was organized in Washington state in August 2004. It immediately began responding to emergency search and rescue operations in Washington and Oregon.  The team now responds throughout the country when requested by appropriate representatives.


In addition to canine handling, team members are trained in first aid and CPR, helicopter safety, knowledge of crime scenes, lost person behavior, visual tracking, navigation, wilderness survival, and scent theory.


All canine/handler teams need to pass field certification tests. Tests have been established for wilderness air scent searches, trailing dog searches, cadaver/human remains detection, evidence and shoreline searches.


Team members are available for presentations to local groups and organizations on search and rescue and on working with canines. Observers are welcome to participate in our trainings. Meet our canines and let us show you the kind of work they do.



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